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Footpaths and Open Spaces

Notice Board  Notices 


Thursday 18 July 2024 at 7.30pm

The meeting will take place in Sparsholt Memorial Hall.  All members of the public are welcome to join the meeting.  Those wishing to join are requested to contact the clerk,, in advance and no later than 5:00pm on the day of the meeting.

Thermal Camera

For more information see Camera

Please register your interest by sending an email to

Affordable Housing for Sparsholt

A public consultation took place on 7 November. Details presented of the proposed scheme can be viewed at  


Operating drones is not illegal; however, users are restricted from repeatedly flying them in close proximity to residential addresses and doing this could lead to them being dealt with for Anti-Social behaviour or committing a S.4a/S.5 Public Order Act offence.

If you are concerned that a drone appears as though it is being used in suspicious circumstances e.g. if it continuously hovers over a particular area, please contact the Police on 101.

M3 Junction 9 Improvement Scheme

All details of the preferred route including technical reports relating to the selection process are availabe on the Highways England website:

  Public Access Defibrillator

Defibrillator Located at entrance to Memorial Hall


There is an extensive network of footpaths within the parish as shown on the maps

Footpaths - Definitive Map

Footpaths - Definitive Map 2


Keeping these clear may either be the responsibility of  Hampshire County Council, the Parish Council or landowners.

The Hampshire County Council website enables walkers to report any problems or alternatively please contact the clerk.


 The Playground

Situated in Woodman Close on land rented from Winchester City Council the playground boasts an array of play equipment for children.

The Playground is regularly maintained and inspected. Please report any observations to


Ham Green Conservation Group - volunteers welcome!


Do you know the woodland area known as Ham Green, maybe even walk, cycle or ride through it sometimes?  It is a peaceful, lovely green space, previously thought to be a drovers' road.  

The ancient woodland of Ham Green, (officially a Site of Interest to Nature Conservation), is on the Southern edge of Sparsholt Village. There are areas of ancient hedgerow, a few open spaces to encourage butterflies, many types of trees (including much endangered elm, yew, oak, walnut, ash, horse chestnut, apple, hazel & sycamore), and a wide variety of native flora.

Like all 'natural' green spaces, Ham Green needs regular maintenance.  Rabbits used to graze the vegetation down years ago, but there are few visible now – so, it is down to people to try to manage Ham Green sensitively. Footpath and bridleway edges have to be cut back and falling trees/branches removed. Hazel trees need coppicing to keep them in best condition. The elms can be kept safe from Dutch elm disease by keeping them small.

The Ham Green Conservation Group meets every month, on the first Saturday or Sunday morning, to carry out the necessary work. We have great bonfires through the winter months, clearing the coppiced wood and keeping some areas clear so more sunlight reaches the ground. We regularly conduct flower, tree and butterfly surveys to monitor the results. We have planted new hedgerows on bare edges, as well as a few specimen trees.  More recently, we have embarked on a programme of regular mowing in selected areas, to encourage the growth of wild flowers.

Can we interest you in joining us?  We give training and support in all the tasks, plus coffee & biscuits at break time! It is good fun and can be as energetic as you wish. We also hold a fund-raising walk and at least one social event every year!


Contact Malcolm Hewson on 01962 776306 or. for further information.