This is the official website of Sparsholt Parish Council Winchester, Hampshire.



With many houses changing hands, applications are received to enhance and alter properties in the village.

The Parish Council has a responsibility to review all applications and comment on their suitability using the District Plan, The Sparsholt Village Design Statement and the Sparsholt Conservation Area Management Document.


The District Plan

The Local Plan Part 1, adoped by Winchester City Council on 20 March 2013 is the long term strategic plan for development within Winchester District, and includes the strategic vision, objectives and the key policies needed to achieve sustainable development in Winchester District to 2031. It identifies the amount of development, broad locations for change, growth and protection, including allocating strategic sites

Local Plan Part 1

Following its successful Examination in Public and the incorporation of modifications, the Winchester District Local Plan Part 2 – Development Management and Site Allocations (LPP2) was adopted by the Council on 5 April 2017.

LPP2 allocates land to help deliver the development strategy for new housing, economic growth and diversification set out in Local Plan Part 1 and will guide future planning decisions in Winchester District (excluding that part of Winchester District with the South Downs National Park).

Local Plan Part 2

The plan shows the settlement boundary ("building envelope") area for Sparsholt as below together with protected open areas and conservation areas. 

WCC Policies Map - Map 22 Sparsholt


 The Sparsholt Village Design Statement

This is about the character and qualities of the village of Sparsholt. It sets out guidelines which all developments, building works in the village need to follow to conserve and enhance these character and qualities and to esnure that what is done is in keeping with its surroundings. Its sets out guidlines on such things as roof lines, size of new buildings, street signs and furniture and trees and hedges. The Statement is a Supplmentary Planning Document which supplements the Local Plan and forms part of the Local Development Framework for Winchester District. The guidelines must be taken into account when planning applications are considered. 

 Village Design Statement

 A printed copy can be obtained from the parish clerk


 The Sparsholt Conservation Area

A map showing the boundaries of the Conservation Area can be found in the Village Design Statement.

More information can be found on Winchester City Council's webpages

Conservation Areas


In addition, the Parish Council has a role to ensure that any activities that do not have the necessary planning consents are reported to the Winchester City Council Enforcement team


Planning Applications

See all planning applications for Sparsholt on the Winchester City Council websiteWinchester City Council Planning

Where underlined the Reference will link directly to the application on the Winchester City Council planning applications system. This will give further detail of each application and enable comments before the specified closing date. 

New Applications

Date Received







The Post House Woodman Lane

T1 - Sycamore - Reduce canopy extending over house/garden side by up to 2m and balance to blend into remaining canopy either side. (To reduce overhang over garden and minimise fouling from birds). Lift lower branches to match height of ABC electric cable located in Hall car park. Thin some of the regrowth generated from previous thin. T2 - Sycamore - Lift lower branches to match the height of the ABC electric cable located in Hall Car park. Thin some of the regrowth generated from previous thin

Statutory expiry date 9 July



2 Lambourne Close

Demolition of existing front and rear single storey extensions and the construction of new 2 storey extension to the front and single storey extension

to the rear. Roof line to the existing two storey extension is to be raised to align with main roof to the house.

Closing date for comments 21 June


Current Applications


Date Received







Little Deane Dean Lane

Single storey rear extension. (AMENDED PLANS)

Decision awaited



Home Lane Cottage Home Lane

This proposal includes a two-storey extension to the existing dwelling on the south-west elevation, to provide extra lounge and bedroom accommodation and a single storey extension to the west elevation, to provide a kitchen/dining space. The scheme also includes an external double garage.

Decision awaited


Recent Decisions


Date Received







Farley Mead Woodman Lane

Ash (T1) tagged 1483 - Fell
Hawthorn (T2) tagged 1484 - Crown reduce by 1.5m and shape
Cherry (T3) tagged 1485 - Fell

No objection



Meadow Bank

Woodman Lane

T1 – Golden Leylandii – remove at ground level

No objection



Locks Lane House Locks Lane

Poplar (T1) - to reduce to the same height as the adjacent utility pole

No objection



Deane House Cottage Woodman Lane

T1 - Horse Chestnut - Remove lowest limb extending towards driveway to aid with statutory clearances over highway and also large delivery vehicle access to dwellings.

Application approved